Hi there! I’m Rischelle. 

I’m a Life Coach and Personal Trainer. My specialty is Mindset & Weight Loss Coaching

I am a  down to earth, passionate, health loving, creative. 

Empowering others to improve their lives through healthy living, positive thinking and mindfulness is my calling. I believe every individual should love their life and mould their life choices to fit their true essence.

I believe we all have greatness in us. At some time or another, we may have forgotten how great we truly are.

It’s our job to let go of self doubt and embrace our authentic self.

The truth is, there is much more to reaching our goals than setting targets. It runs deeper than that. There’s more under the surface. We can change and we can reach our target through conscious, deliberate effort.

By taking responsibility.

By seeing our own value.

By digging deep.

By taking the leap.

No more excuses.

What brought me here?

I grew up in the small town of Mount Isa, in North West Queensland. A humble beginning. My father, a boiler maker, my mother a secretary. I had a brother, a sister and a dog called Butch. We lived in small housing commission house on the wrong side of town.

From an early age, I dreamed of pursuing art as a career but it didn’t feel like a realistic avenue for earning a living in my small town! My real journey as an Artist began many bad jobs and relocations later! I became a mother and at this time, spent eight years perfecting my skills with a paintbrush. Organising, hanging and exhibiting my work through out South East Queensland.

I had also always been somewhat sporty, being Sports Captain of my Junior High School and doing reasonably well at Athletics. As I teenager I obsessed over my weight and food and dreamed of having my own personal trainer! Little did I know many years later I would become one. Throughout my late teens and twenties I would swing from overweight to underweight and everywhere in between. 

My real journey to health began in around 2010. I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease after years of being plagued with odd symptoms. I wanted my health back and I new that my health problems stemmed from my choices and from my own lack of inner peace.

Single for the first time in 13 years, with two young daughters, I made a choice and took action.

I believe our strength is built through hardship and controversy. Just like when you lift heavy weight’s in the gym you grow stronger and bigger muscles, I believe when we endure hard times in our lives, we are given an opportunity to grow as a person. For the better. Some of the most successful people in the world faced many struggles and difficulties.

I knew I had to change.

I took responsibility.

I became a personal trainer, indoor cycle instructor and Life Coach.

I learned to love exercise again.

I soul searched.

I travelled.

I learned how to love and care for myself.

I got healthy.

And now I am here. Ready to serve you. 

Photo by Liliana Gladwin