January has come and gone. Are you stilling complaining about how weak/unhealthy/overweight/unhappy you are? Do you constantly compare your body/life to that of others? Is your unhelpful thinking getting you nowhere?

You can’t get to a positive place with unhelpful thinking and without an upgrade in your mindset. When setting goals it’s important to make a plan.

‘Project Me’ is one in a series of yoga and mini mindset workshops dedicated to expanding and bringing your best self in to 2018 and beyond.

On Saturday, 17th of February, between 6.30am and 9.30am, you could use your time to set in motion a domino effect that could improve your life, wellbeing, health and happiness.

In this workshop will find new strategies for overcoming overwhelm and improving unhelpful thinking.

As my gift to you, you will receive a Life Balance Workbook and Journal.

Meet with me at Bicentennial Park on the 17th of February at 6.30am sharp where we will start with yoga and follow with the mindset component of the workshop.

This workshop is for anyone interested in improving and expanding their time, personal awareness and possibilities.

Places limited, bookings essential. Invoices will be sent to the email provided.

Book here: https://calendly.com/info-22/life-on-purpose-yoga-and-mindset-workshop

Investment: $38.00



***Attentions Redcliffe Mummas***

Are you ready for a big and healthy change for you and your family?

I am looking for Mumma’s ready and willing to undertake a 30 Day Kickstart challenge from the 28th Feb to the 29th of March

> You will get unlimited 9am classes Monday to Friday
> Healthy Snacking for Families Recipe Book
> Shopping list and additional recipes
> Nutrition information and education
> Before and After Photos
> Weigh in and measurements
> At home workouts
> Online Group Coaching
> Coaching & Group Support

Investment: $195 Upfront OR $54.65/Week over 4 Weeks.

Sign up and pay by February 18th and receive one week of FREE classes to kickstart your challenge commencement PLUS $10 off.

Early Bird Investment: $185 Upfront (By February 18th) OR $52.15/Week over 4 Weeks.


How many diets, programs and gyms have you joined, only to lose a little and gain it all back, or lose nothing at all?

Blindly joining a class or gym without a change in mindset and further accountability, guidance and follow through formula, will only take your results so far. No magic formula exists outside of your own self. The answers you seek are within you and your mindset.

That’s why my challenges incorporate Mindset Coaching.

By incorporating a change in mindset, together with smart, fun training and healthy eating, you can achieve the body and life you’ve been dreaming of!

My Challenges have proven results time and time again.

– Burn Stubborn fat and increase strength and body ‘tone’

– Increase your energy and vitality

– Improve Confidence

– Create lasting results

– Improve your mindset

– Make the switch to healthy nutritious eating

My Challenges offer:

– 2 Per Week – 1 hour Challenge Group Fitness Sessions
– Unlimited Email Support
– Food & Exercise Diary
– Nutritional guidance
– Group Shopping Trip
– Programs & workouts
– Weekly Newsletter & Recipe
– Group Mindset Coaching Sessions
– Before & After Photos
– One on one & group support
– Fitness Testing
– Packages available to suit every budget

If you are ready to be empowered to achieve you goals, enquire today! Payment can be made via Paypal through this website or via direct debit by contacting me HERE








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