I met Anthony in late 2016 when he joined a challenge I was running at the time at Healthworks Peninsula.

Working with Healthworks was rewarding. I am grateful for the experience it gave me in the industry working with a variety of clients and abilities, like Anthony and many others.

As most of you know in 2017, I have since moved in to running my own independent outdoor Fitness business specialising in Challenges!

Anthony was 20 at the time and lost the equivalent of his age in kilograms! The youngest member and only male in the Challenge, did not deter him and he went on to win it!

As a complete beginner, Anthony showed strength of character and sportsmanship by never being deterred or intimidated by new workouts and showing great consistency with showing up and doing the work. 

Anthony was kind enough to share some his experience with me in this recent interview.

Q. Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Anthony: Im 21. I’m a Masters student at QUT and a 12 week challenge winner!

Q. What do you do for fun?

Read, watch movies, cook and eat good food.

Q. What is your number 1 health/fitness goal?

Anthony: To go wingsuit jumping. It’s really difficult because you need to be a specific weight to even get in one of the suits. Then you need to undertake the training. But I think that experience would be amazing!

Q. What are your three biggest challenges right now?

Anthony: Finding time to exercise between work and study.

Snacking at work.

Finding a new gym playlist.

Q. Where do you see opportunities right now for improving your health and fitness?

Anthony: Definitely improving my endurance and cardio. Building some muscle wouldn’t hurt either!

Q. How much weight did you lose training with Rischelle?

20kg in 12 weeks.

Q. What do you feel are your biggest achievements during your time training with Rischelle?

Definitely my improvement in mindset. How you think about yourself directly affects your health.

Q. What motivates you?

Wanting to constantly improve. I don’t like sitting still.

Q. What worries you?

Making sure my technical skills match my mindset.

Q. What is your favourite type of training?

Training that uses out-of-the-box movements like battle ropes!

Q. What did you enjoy about training with Rischelle and being a part of the challenge?

A wide variety of workouts, being able to work with an awesome group of people is a massive motivator for me.

Q. What’s your advice to other people feeling stuck, needing change and wanting to lose weight/increase their fitness?

Set yourself small, easily achievable goals. Nothing too big. Then start! Consistency is important.

Q. Would you recommend training with Rischelle to others and why?

I would recommend training with Rischelle because of her focus on mindset – not just your physical health.

Thank you Anthony!

My next 10 week ‘I got this’ Challenge commences on the 10th of July. This Challenge was at capacity this term so if you are interested in getting in on this challenge or getting started right now >Contact Me< with your name, contact details and a brief message outlining your needs.