Lana came to me with her friend Amira who had been referred to me by another client, Felicity. Felicity had achieved great success through attending my Challenges.

If I could say anything about my first impression of Lana it would be that she was fresh, quiet and quite the underdog. Lana was a real beginner when she started. Her lifestyle was a far stretch from what she aspired to.

She had gotten into the routine of eating convenient unhealthy snacks on the run, large late night meals and enduring long inactive shifts sitting due to her job as a delivery driver.

I loved Lana’s ability to be honest with the group about her struggles, limitations and set backs.

Lana inspired us all by getting great results week after week, increasing her devotion to completing exercise programs and improving her diet as the weeks ticked over.

Lana was our winner for the Term 3, 10 Week, ‘I got this’ Challenge. Lana, gratefully accepted my invitation to share her story.

Q. Tell me about yourself Lana…

Lana: Hi my name is Lana and I am 28 years old. I live in Redcliffe and work in the family business as a delivery driver.

Q. What do you do for fun?

Lana: I have never been a particularly active person and like to read and watch movies.

Q. How much weight did you lose when you were training with Rischelle? 

Lana: During the 10 week challenge I lost 12kgs and 38.9 cm.


Q. What is your number 1 health and fitness goal?

Lana: My number 1 health goal is to lose that little bit more and be as healthy as I can be.

Q. How do you see yourself in 12 months time?

Lana: I would like to think that in 12 months I am finally at my goal weight and that I would be maintaining it.

Q. What do you feel are your biggest achievements during your time training with Rischelle?

Lana: My biggest achievements during training with Rischelle is that I actually showed up to all the classes and enjoyed all the exercise except for the running. In the past I have had trouble with the follow through of my weight lose goals and going to Rischelle I didn’t have the struggles that I normally have.

Q. What motivates you? 

Lana: What motivated me the most during this challenge was that I joined up with a good friend and didn’t want to disappoint her or myself. It also helped a lot that we could talk to each other about the ups and downs that we faced throughout the challenge.

Q. What do you want more than anything when it comes to your health and fitness?

Lana: What I want more than anything is to be healthy. I have already come a long away and don’t want to go back to how I was before. I am feeling a lot happier and healthier within my body.

It feels amazing to have accomplished and even surpassed my goal of loosing 10kgs for this challenge.

Q. What is your favourite type of training?

Lana: Well I really enjoy long walks by the waterfront with the dogs as long as they behave which isn’t often. The bootcamp exercises were fantastic as well.

Q. What did you enjoy about training with Rischelle and being a part of the challenge?

Lana: I really enjoyed Rischelle’s bootcamps and all the ways she pushes you to become healthier and fitter. Being in a group that is supportive of each others goals really helps.


Q. How have your friends and family reacted to your weight loss?

Lana: My friends and family have all been very supportive and happy that I have done so well.

Q. What’s your advice to other people feeling stuck, needing to change and wanting lose weight/increase their fitness?

Lana: That they can do it. They can take that first step and achieve what they want. You CAN do it!!

Q. Would you recommend training with Rischelle to other people and why?

Lana: Yes I would recommend Rischelle to others simply because she really does care that you make your goal. Rischelle makes you accountable, talks you through the tough times, is always there and creates this safe and comfortable place for you.

Lana came such a long way over the 10 weeks and has her eyes set on her long term goals to get to her goal weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Want results like Lana’s?

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