One thing I truly value, is education. It is through education and awareness of ourselves, our communities and our planet that we can reach our full potential.

This year I made a firm decision to invest more in my education. I am mindful of my strengths and weaknesses and where I can improve my happiness, fulfilment and service to others by expanding myself through increased knowledge, growth and self awareness.

If I want to have more and be more, I have to do more!

As an exercise in growth and self awareness, I recently wrote in a journal, the things I thought I needed during challenging times, from the point of view my younger self. What a powerful exercise it was!

By writing down the things I felt that I needed at different stages and struggles in my life, I was able to easily and quickly identify where I went wrong, why I am the person I am today and why I struggled so much at these different points in my life.


Imagine if you could put yourself back to a certain point in your life and insert the perfect solution, education, job or person into your life, at a time when you were struggling to alleviate the pain you felt. 

You could have a supportive network and mentors offering their guidance. The right book or course could fall in your lap at the right time. The right words could be spoken by a friend, a boss, a colleague or teacher. You could be encouraged for the things that excited you. You could make better decisions with your valuable time. You could make better financial decisions. You could feel more balanced, secure and supported within all your relationships. You could feel free to explore the world and your life and the people in it in a way that resonates with your heart. You could have more, do more, be more.

What if you were to rewrite your story? To sit down and write your story, not without challenges, (they are a part of the joy of life), but with more support, more balance, more joy, more connection and more love! Better choices.

Where would you be today?

What if the solutions you were looking for, were there all along? If you only chose to ask the right questions and look in the right direction.

The job of a life coach is not to do the work for you, but to encourage your own growth and self empowerment. Better choices. For life. A life coach can can guide you to ask the right questions and look in the right direction in order to power yourself forward to the life you have always dreamed of and the best version of you!

In the comments below write down the top 3 things you could have used to empower your younger self to a happier more fulfilling life!

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