Summerrrrr is on it’s way! Sexy arms and a perky butt are something all of us want. Try this simple Buns ‘n’ Guns Workout I created.

If you have any medical conditions, or are starting out fresh on your fitness journey and haven’t been exercising, please seek professional medical advice prior to starting any new exercise program.

Go for 3-5 rounds or in rounds for the set period of time you have available for your training. Remember to complete at least a 5 minute warm up prior to starting and stretch when you’re done!

Buns ‘N’ Guns

Single Leg Glute Bridges – 12 Reps each Leg

Glute Bridges (both feet on the floor) – 20 reps

Supermans – 8-12 Reps each side

Arabesque Leg Lift with Static Lat Raise – 12-15 reps each leg

Plank with Shoulder Tap – 20-30 Shoulder Taps (counting each side as one)

Squat Jumps – 10-15 Reps

Bicep Curl with Shoulder Press – 12-15 Reps

If you are unfamiliar with these exercises and their correct technique, be sure to get help from an experienced trainer. If you would like to know more about Personal Training or Weight-loss & Mindset coaching with me, sign up for your free introductory consultation. Fill in your name, enquiry and contact details >here< .