Today I received photos from my client Chloe, who took on an 8 week health and fitness challenge. (That’s her in the image above!)

Chloe had received a referral from another client and took on 8 weeks of dedication, to challenge herself to look her absolute best for a cruise she is going on with her family.

Chloe’s challenge included:

Goal setting

Nutritional guidance and a healthy shopping expedition

Weekly Personal Training sessions

Life Coaching

A set exercise program to complete each week

Regular measurements and weigh in

Chloe put in the work and she got the results. Her muscles grew yes, but proportionately her self respect, personal satisfaction and pride grew. You see, when you set yourself goals and you follow through with action, magic happens. You push past plateaus and upper limits and you see yourself achieving what you previously only imagined was possible.

Dedication: noun (TIME/ENERGY)
The ​willingness to give a lot of ​time and ​energy to something because it is ​important. (source:

When we are challenged to take a new approach, to do the work, to face up to ourselves, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to change.


When you set goals and don’t take the action required, not only do you not get results, you chip away at your own self worth and self respect. You start to talk down to yourself and you get further and further away from where you want to be.

Challenges cause growth. No matter how difficult they are. The time; the energy; the discomfort; the investment. This and your wholehearted participation, is proportionate to your results.

You’re worth the effort.

I know some of you are ready for a change too.

You want results.

I want that for you too.

I want to see you transform.

I want you to gain clarity.

I want you to feel inspired.

I want you to take responsibility.

I want you to feel proud of who you are inside and out, from head to toe.

It’s time for some Tough Love!

I challenge you to take some inspired action right now! Commit yourself to creating a new goal today. Be brave and write your goal in the comments below! Committing publicly is a great way to push yourself to follow through with action!

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