Personal Trainer, Spin Instructor, Life Coach, Mother. Sounds like Wonder Woman right? But honestly, sometimes I’m terrified. I can admit this freely. With no shame. I am no Wonder Woman. Just a real life woman. With real feelings. With real mistakes. Scars, wrinkles and wounds. Some invisible, some not.

Sometimes I’m terrified, truly. I get this tight feeling in my chest. A cry forms somewhere between my chest and my throat. A worry somersaults around and around in my mind. A feeling of deep sadness sets in. A fear festers.

Sometimes it’s definable. Sometimes, it’s not.

Fear taunts me. Fear tells me the illusion of my ego is real.

However, I am a teacher and a student and I have learned and am learning more and more to be in my own power.

I treat fear as a dare.

Fear says, ‘Hide.’

I say, ‘What from? What could be so bad?’

Fear says, ‘You’re going to get hurt.’

I say, ‘Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. Won’t this make me grow?’

Fear says, ‘What if you’re not good enough?’

I say, ‘What if I am?’

Fear says, ‘What if they’re better than you?’

I say, ‘We are all unique. No better. No worse. Just different and special in our own way. I’m not in competition with others.’

Fear says, ‘But what about last time?’

I say, ‘This time is different. I am not my past. I am living here and now’.

Fear says, ‘What if it doesn’t work out?’

I say, ‘What if it does? And if it doesn’t, something better is on the way.’

Your thoughts, your words, your language, creates your world.

The truth is, our small minded ego, is not going anywhere and it’s important to develop skills and resilience to cope with our humanness and heal our wounds of the past. Skills to deal with life as it is, rather than what we fear, and get the best results possible.

In the comments below share one of YOUR rituals for dealing with fear and uncertainty.