The build up to Christmas is well known to be a time of increased tension and stress. With increased financial strain and family issues often coming to the forefront, it’s important to counteract any negativity with a mindful approach and strategic action so that your well being doesn’t pay the price.

I’ve put together, 8 ways to decrease your stress levels and increase your body love over the coming weeks.

1. Sleep:

Note: They call it beauty sleep for a reason. Your body repairs itself while your sleep. Skimping on sleep can leave your skin dull, your eyes puffy, red and with dark circles and give you a general worn out look to your appearance.

By getting the required amount of shut eye, you’ll not only look more refreshed, but you’ll feel that way. Your friends, family and work mates will be sure to notice it too.

Getting a good night’s sleep can help alleviate the signs of stress and help you deal with daily stresses more effectively. Lack of sleep also effects your hunger. Lack sleep increases your cravings for unhealthy sugar laden fatty food and decreases your self control.

2. Cut out or cut down on sugar:

Sugar is empty calories. It has no nutritional value. Just empty, quickly digested calories. Excess sugar is also known to make your body more acid. An acid body is more vulnerable to disease and illness like obesity, tooth decay, cancer, osteoporosis, gout, heartburn, yeast infection and arthritis.

3. Cut back on caffeine:

Caffeine gives you a quick boost but can make you feel moody, fatigued and depressed later. Excessive caffeine consumption contributes to the release of the stress hormone cortisol which can lead to health consequences such as weight gain (especially around the mid section).

4. Meditate:

Meditation is well known to provide a myriad of health benefits.

The benefits include:

Lessens worry and anxiety, enhances self esteem, improves appetite control and prevents emotional eating, increases optimism, improves focus and problem solving, improves emotional intelligence, improves immunity and energy levels, improves heart rate and breathing, improves inflammatory disorders and premenstrual tension and more! More than enough reasons to make it a part of your daily practice. Even a few short minutes can have profound effects on your body and mind.

5. Exercise:

Exercise has positive effects on both body and mind. As well as the obvious physical health benefits, exercise causes endorphins to be released. Endorphins are powerful chemicals within your brain which have an energising, feel good effect.

I often hear from clients that they use exercise as their “Me Time”. Their escape from the hustle of their everyday lives. A chance to refocus and reconnect with themselves for an hour or so of their day.

6. Increase your healthy fats:

Healthy fats have many health benefits and are essential to good health. Fats are more filling and more slowly digested. They can also improve your body composition, improve moods and brain function, reduce inflammation and reduce cancer risk, increase eye and skin health and more.

7. Forgive yourself:

Forgive yourself for your so called mistakes and short comings, your past and everything you think you should have, could have and would have done differently over the past year. The only time you really have is now. The only time you can ever make a difference is now.

“People don’t realise that now is all there ever is; there is no past or future except as a memory or anticipation in your mind.” – Eckhart Tolle

8. Sign up:

Hire a Personal Trainer and or a Coach!

Whether you need a push or simply more accountability and guidance, signing up for a period of coaching and training can help you get on track and stay on track. By signing up for a set period of time, you can stay committed to your outcome and set goals according to your time frame and desired outcome.

To sign up for your own free consultation click >sign me up<. Fill in your name, contact details and short message and I will contact you personally to book your consultation. The only time is now! Coaching and programs can be tailored for people who are able to attend in person or from anywhere in the world.