Sometimes we fool ourselves into believing that ‘it’s not that bad’. Yet day in day out we get up and avoid that dress or those pants because in the back of our mind we know they’ll be too small or uncomfortable if we actually put them on.

It’s important to get real and honest with yourself. Avoiding and denying the truth usually only exacerbates the situation. The longer we avoid it, the bigger the problem grows!

There are many other ways we avoid getting real. You’re not getting real when you are:

Avoiding the scales.

I don’t promote an obsession with the scales either, but a healthy reality check may be just the thing to motivate you to take action. I usually get my Challenge clients to weigh in once per week. No more, no less.

For those maintaining their weight, they may only need to weigh in monthly or even seasonly.


Bite the bullet and jump on the scales. It is what is. Once you have confronted it, you will feel more motivated and you are equiped to set realistic, actionable goals. Remember, the number on the scale is not a  reflection of your worth. It is a just a number which may or may not mean you need to action to improve your health.

Avoiding mirrors.

Do you ever avoid looking in the mirror? Over the years (especially when working in the gym), I have noticed that many overweight men and women have one thing in common, they avoid looking at themselves in the mirror.

So what does this mean?
1. They don’t love and appreciate their reflections and in most cases themselves in a healthy way.
2. They’re avoiding the reality and scale of their situation. If you don’t look it doesn’t exist right? Kind of like a grown up game of denial peek-a-boo.
3. They think that looking at themselves means they’re vain or up themselves.

I truly encourage all of my clients to create a healthy relationship with themselves and the mirror. No one should feel ashamed of the way they look and no one is perfect. See your body for what it is. Your vehicle. Your home. The miraculous vessel from which you create your life. The only place you have to live.

1. Focus on what you love about yourself no matter how small it is.
2. Use the mirror to practice your form. Are you executing the exercise with good posture?
3. Practice positive affirmations in the mirror. Affirm what you love about yourself and what you would like to achieve.

For example:

I am grateful I have beautiful clear skin.

I’ve got this. I am getting stronger and healthier everyday.

I am worth the effort.

Avoiding people.

Sadly I’ve heard my clients say they’ll avoid situations where they might bump into someone they know or someone from their past because they’re ashamed of the way they look.

This can isolate and exacerbate feelings of sadness, exclusion, loneliness and despair.

The truth is your true friends will love you no matter what size or shape you’re in.

1. Contact a friend you trust and have a heart to heart. It’s quite possible they’ll have some wonderful advice or may also want to improve their own health and you can work together.
2. Join a group with some likeminded folks. This could be a bootcamp, challenge, health club, sport or walking group. Do your research and attend a free trial so you can see whether the group is a good match for you.

Pretending you don’t care.

I have heard people say they don’t care many times, but in most cases, I would have to say that I don’t believe them. Frustration, resignation and giving up are not the same as not caring.

Sometimes people become so frustrated with failed attempts at weight loss and which diet is the best that they simply give up out of confusion and the belief that it’s just too hard.

Underneath is usually a person who cares very much.

1. Hire a personal trainer with proven results. Do your research and look for before and after photos and testimonials on websites. The industry is flooded with so many trainers in this booming industry. It’s important to invest in someone who has a proven track record from the get go.
2. Write a letter to YOURSELF. Tell yourself what it would mean to you to meet your health and weight loss goals and why it is truly important to you.

These hacks, are simple actions you can take action on today. If you would like any more information on my Bootcamps, Personal Training, Mindset Coaching or Challenges, please contact me today or book now!

Remember your first Class is always FREE.