I met Felicity early in 2016, when she joined me in a challenge I was running through Healthworks Peninsula. Much to my delight Felicity won that 1st challenge!

Over 12 months down the track, Felicity is now 23kg down and on to her 5th Challenge with me as her trainer. She now trains with me outdoors doing a variety of classes to compliment her goals and the work she does within the challenge.

I asked Felicity if she would share with you her weight loss, health and fitness story so far.


Socialising outside the Challenge.

Q. Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Felicity: I am a West Australian by birth and moved over to Queensland with my mum and husband. The move meant that I was leaving behind many good friends and contacts that were a big influence on my life. Losing that supportive network was difficult and in all honesty this would be one of the positive elements I’ve gained through joining Rischelle as trainer in the challenges.

I’m studying for another 6 months and have started a new career as a teacher, after many years of various administrative jobs.

I’ve loved being able to get some formal qualifications through university. It was another huge achievement that was recommended to me by my sisters and my mates back in Perth. Should’ve listened to them sooner.

2. What do you do for fun?

Felicity: Rischelle, I don’t have fun. I endlessly study

I would say that I enjoy watching sports eg. AFL west coast eagles, netball, recently union – I love giving things a go.

I speak and read fairly extensively about politics, can’t image that will gain me too many friends.

Q. What is your number 1 health/fitness goal?

Felicity: For now it would be continuing towards my weight loss goal but in honesty this has grown to include improving my overall fitness, so that I can be far more active and physical in my life.

Q. What keeps you up at night when you think of your health and fitness?
Felicity: It would have to be being active and eating right so I can get to weight loss goals, I’d also add not sleeping through an alarm so I miss training or a schedule run session. I often wake up several times during the night to make sure I haven’t over slept.

6. Where do you see opportunities right now for improving your health and fitness?

Felicity: The opportunity is the diversity in training options offered by Rischelle. Not only have I opted to do the challenge, I’ve also added in additional items like core strength, bootcamps & stretch and release yoga. These are further opportunities for me to improve health and fitness.

7. How do you see yourself in 12 months time?
Felicity: Tough one, I don’t like to look ahead so much. One comment is that I’ll be at my goals in terms of weight and fitness and as a treat I’ll do some fun bizarre stuff like try kite surfing and a surfing lesson.

Q. How much weight have you lost since training with Rischelle?

Felicity: 23 kilo’s.


Q. What do you feel are your biggest achievements since you started training with Rischelle?

Felicity: Good question – The first challenge got me motivated in a way I hadn’t been in many years. I knocked off a heap of weight and I was stoked.

I am now able to run 5kms without stopping and although I achieved this on my own it was having the general fitness gained through training with Rischelle that enabled me to hit this goal. A very personal one I’ve had for many years.

Q. What motivates you?
Felicity: I’m a big fan of exercising in the group, I’ve come to meet new people who’ve not only become mates but are a supportive and encouraging network that I enjoy participating in.

Group Training

The other day I got a text message from another participant and I said could I get back to you, I’ve just started running. In a blink of an eye the text message came back “Go you”. It’s that kind of mateship that I’ve come to cherish and enjoy with this group of people. I can’t possibly encourage people enough if they need that kind of support, this is the place for you.

Q. What do you want more than anything when it comes to your health and fitness?
Felicity: To ensure that due to my healthier lifestyle and much improved fitness levels I will reduce the chances of contracting diabetes or heart disease, family traditions that I’d like to break.

Q. What do you believe is your dream solution for you when it comes to improving your health and fitness?
Felicity: A positive, can do mindset. As soon as I said I could do better in health and fitness I was able to. Its getting to that point which was the real challenge.

Q. What is your favourite type of training?
Felicity: Core Strength, I keep thinking that if I do enough sit ups my stomach will simply disappear – tell me its true.

Q. What do you enjoy about training with Rischelle and being a part of the challenge
Felicity: Friendship amongst participants. Respect, encouragement and challenge from Rischelle and the group.

Open air – training down at Woody Point has actually been great, I love a bit of fresh air, good views and when appropriate, 80’s music to exercise to.

Diversity in exercises at every gathering we have. I enjoy not quite knowing what is coming up next and just having to get on with it, rather than planning and implementing what should be done.

Group Training Outdoors

Q. How have your friends and family reacted to your weight loss?
Felicity: When my Mum was dying from diabetes related complications I was reading David Gillespie’s book on Sweet Poison, many of the comments made throughout that book were actually physically manifesting themselves in what was happening to my mum at the time. It was surreal to be watching and reading about it and yet not taking enough action to do something pro active about it in my own life. So when my two sisters and their partners gifted me my first challenge for a birthday present, mainly because I’d been complaining for years about trying to achieve some weight loss they enabled me to finally put key aspects together that have lead to the success I have experienced to date.

As a consequence they have been beyond very supportive and encouraging but you’d expect that from such key people in your life.

Friends are also incredibly supportive, surprised and encouraging – even to the point that our Friday night dinner group goes out of their way to include healthy food options to partake in. I think that is a sign of the kind of practical support that has contributed to my success so far.

Q. What’s your advice to other people feeling stuck, needing change and wanting to lose weight/increase their fitness?

Felicity: This is a critical point. First up – just come along to a few sessions.

My biggest problem has always been starting. Once I’ve got going I have had no worries. So just pick up the phone, email, that Facebook thing that everyone else does – make contact with Rischelle and just get going. You have to break that inertia that has got you struggling with weight or fitness goals. The challenges are 10 weeks at a time. This is a very achievable goal. A 10 week commitment is possible  –  give yourself that as the starting point. Commit to the healthy eating for that 10 weeks and the results are going to surprise and encourage you. This certainly worked for me.

Felicity's first sessions-2

Q. Would you recommend training with Rischelle to others and why?
Rischelle is a very interesting and accomplished woman. The care and concern given to the participants in the challenges and exercise classes is first rate. This is the kind of attention that will get you towards your personal goals.

Rischelle spends a lot of time encouraging us week by week to set small goals that will assist us towards the bigger goals we have. After all isn’t it in the accomplishing of little things that we get to experience success that in turn motivates us to our bigger goals.

I’d say Rischelle is a very compassionate trainer and does all within her power to meet you where you are at and work from that point. Its a huge thing to get a customised experience whilst being in a larger group and it was certainly this attention to detail that Rischelle excels at.

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