I first met Katie in 2013. She came to me as a referral from another client, (as many of my client’s do!).

Before Katie's weight loss.

Katie wanted to increase her fitness and in particular, upper body strength, as well as lose weight.

Katie has been a dream client in many ways from the beginning. She always turns up, she does what’s she’s told and she loses weight. Unfortunately Katie found it difficult to stick in there long term, and despite losing weight would give in after short term training. Only to gain the weight back after she stopped training.

After convincing Katie to join me in a Challenge I was running, I saw Katie coming up against the same obstacles. Despite her results, she got about 6 weeks in and felt like giving up. This is when I suggested to Katie we do a one-on-one Coaching session. The rest is history. Katie finally ‘got it’ and since this time, has gone from strength to strength.

Doing Coaching allowed Katie to get to the bottom of the issues she was coming up against. She was able see why she was giving up and take action to change her mindset on a number of issues.

Katie won that challenge!

Katie has allowed me to interview her to share her personal experience in her weight loss journey as well as with my coaching and training style.

On Katie’s Journey

Q. How Much weight have you lost to date?

Katie: Over the last year I have lost 26kg in total. I joined 3 weight loss challenges with Rischelle Brooks running each of them.

Q. What’s your favourite type of training?

My favourite type of training is what I am currently doing. Which is having a mix between the weights/resistance session I get in personal training with Rischelle, combined with more cardio etc in the group/bootcamp style training.

Q. What’s been your biggest challenge on your weight loss journey?

Katie: My biggest challenge on my weight loss journey was getting support from those around me. Going to the group sessions was the only place where I felt like I was with people who understood what I struggled with daily.

While I was ok with not eating morning teas put on at work for example, I struggled with having to explain to others why I didn’t eat it.

My husband took a little while to realise what kind of support I needed, but now is amazing. I have even managed to get him to join me at the gym on many occasions. 

My friends and family still struggle at times. My hardest challenge was to stop my family from pouring me a glass of wine when we are all sitting around. They still get surprised when I say no to having a slice of pizza they have ordered. 

This has eased now and I have had some success managing these issues. 

summer 2019

Q. What’s been your biggest triumph on your weight loss journey?

Katie: The biggest triumph on my weight loss journey is dropping 4 dress sizes. From a size 16-18 to a size 10/small. 

I have improved my 5km running speed from a year ago of 33 minutes to 26 minutes now.

I have no more hip pain and rarely have any back pain.

I am able to do full push-ups now and I feel stronger and fitter overall.

Katie recently beat her 5km best run time by 7minutes

Q. How have your husband, friends and family reacted to your improved fitness and weight loss?

Katie: My husband has reacted really with pride. He encourages me by trying to join me in my workouts when he can. He joined my gym and has been working on getting healthier.

On Challenges, Training & Coaching with Rischelle.

Q. What do you enjoy about training with Rischelle?

Katie: What I love about training with Rischelle is that you can truly see that she cares about her clients. She is honest with me and the real deal.

Our sessions are always tailored around me working toward my goals. She ensures my safety and technique/form is perfect. 

I find training to be both fun and challenging in a good way. 

Rischelle has a way of inspiring me more and more everyday I see her. With her ongoing encouragement and support I always leave feeling a sense of pride in myself and satisfied that I have worked hard.

Rischelle’s best quality is her passion in helping her clients achieve a healthy lifestyle, to aid them achieve their goals. I am constantly inspired everyday when I’m training with her and I look forward to my next workout.

Her coaching focus combined in her personal training and group training, is what makes her a fantastic personal trainer. With this form of personal training combined with coaching sessions, I have been able to get my head right. I am focused and more motivated. 

This has impacted on my life in a massive way as I am not so far from reaching my goal and I owe my success to Rischelle.

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What do you enjoy about the ‘I got this’ Challenge?

Katie: What I enjoy about the ‘I got this’ Challenge is the group atmosphere. I love that we all have our own story, our own goals and focus. we all encourage each other and no one is left to feel like they are on their own.

This being led by no-one more perfect for the role, Rischelle. With her knowledge on nutrition, exercise/training and goal setting, she also has this way of getting our heads out of the sand, keeping us motivated. All this along with helping us find reasons to be proud of who we are. 

This is what I love about the challenge. Coaching and group training combined.

We can all do options and we are all encouraged to push our limits.

Q. How has Coaching with Rischelle had an impact on you and your results?

Katie: Coaching with Rischelle has helped me immensely. She has introduced me to a new way of thinking. I rediscovered what is was that was holding me back from achieving my dreams of losing weight.

At first I was curious as to how Rischelle thought she could help me. I really doubted that someone could change my focus in such a positive way. 

After my session I felt empowered. I really believe that if you can get your head right, you can do anything. 

I’m so grateful I had this session in the first challenge as only then did I really truly start to see results.

Katie’s Advice.

Q. What’s your advice to people who want to transform their lives to be happier and healthier?

My advice to people trying to transform their lives to be happier and healthier is to get out there and start. Don’t quit. Even if it’s hard, keep going. We all have to start somewhere.

Use your progress as motivation. Even if you can only do five pushups. Because in as little as 6 months you might be able to do 20 full pushups. 4kg bicep curls will soon be 7kg. 

Each little accomplishment you celebrate. Use it to keep going. You have to do this for you. 

If you don’t know where to start, see Rischelle Brooks for a coaching session. Ask for help. It’s never too late.

Q. Would you recommend Rischelle to other people trying to lose wight and why?

I would recommend Rischelle to other people trying to lose weight because she is the real deal. I have and continue to recommend Rischelle to those that ask me about my success. I really owe a lot of it to her.

If you would like to achieve similar results, there is no better time to enquire. Book in >here< for you free 45 minute Clarity session and see how Training and Coaching can help you. The next ‘I got this’ Challenge, commences on the 18th of April, 2017. Contact me >here < to get on the list! Places are limited.