I love seeing my clients succeed in their efforts to improve and maintain their health over the long haul.

One of my big goals of my Group Challenges is to give people the tools they need to succeed long term.

I don’t want to give you a quick fix. I want you to change your lifestyle for the greater good, of you and your family, for now and well after each challenge is finished. I want you to change your mindset in a very positive way.

Over all the years I have been Personal Training, I have seen many succeed in maintaining their results and some who haven’t. The ones who do succeed, are the ones who get that it’s not a temporary change or action that needs to been made. It’s a permanent one.

No matter what your goal, you’re going to have to maintain some kind of consistent effort long term to maintain your results.

It doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to treat yourself. It does however mean that you might need to change your perception of what treating yourself really means. You need to ask yourself, “Am I treating myself well with this action? Or am I treating myself badly?”

6 steps to maintain your health, muscle gains and/or weight loss results:

  1. Continue to fill yourself up with nutrient dense food and cut out empty calorie laden snacks.

  2. Eat breakfast everyday (whenever possible).

  3. Stay accountable with learned techniques and by weighing in, self monitoring and/or checking in with your trainer.

  4. Engage in regular exercise as a non-negotiable part of your routine.

  5. Continue to challenge yourself to keep your training interesting and rewarding.

  6. Improve your mindset.


Mindset Coaching is a big focus in my Challenges. For this reason I have added a VIP option which includes additional One-on-one Mindset Coaching as well as the inclusive Group Mindset Coaching, included the package. Ready to sign up for your next challenge? Check out my package options ==> HERE

Feature Photograph by @shewasfiercefitness