There is no such thing as a perfect meditation. It is a practice that takes practise! Not in the hope of becoming perfect, either at the meditation or at life, but more so in letting go of the absurdity of so called perfection.


Vinyasa Yoga is a moving meditation. A tool for letting go of thought and being present. A tool for releasing.


Vinyasa Yoga is a fluid mind body movement practice. It combines strength work, conscious breathing, mindful awareness, balance, and relaxation. It is known to reduce stress and poor posture.


It enhances well being, health and fitness and brings awareness to the present moment, releasing tension and restlessness.


Bringing awareness to the breath serves as messenger to the body and the mind. Telling us where we are holding tension, struggling, resisting and relaxing.


By practicing yoga in the postures we want to have, we are strengthening and stretching muscles and training ourselves to adopt naturally in everyday life.

Think tall spine, relaxed shoulders, soft relaxed jaw and facial expression.


Yoga allows us to find a balance between doing an not doing. Ease and challenge. Allowing us to consider and practise how this transfers to and can be mirrored in our lives.


We create our own reality through our thoughts, actions and words. Steady mindful practices support a steady mind. In our sometimes hectic reality it’s important to create space between thoughts.

Keep it simple:

  • When meditating at home, choose a time place that is comfortable free of distractions.

  • Meditation can be practiced at any time of the day and for any length of of time. Even a minute can beneficial.

  • Practicing first thing in the morning can be especially beneficial to set you up for the day ahead.

  • Be consistent. The more often you do it, the more benefits you will reap. Consider adding it in to your daily routine as a non-negotiable.

  •  Start with the concept of simply letting go of your thoughts as they come up. When you notice your mind is drifting bring it back to you breath.

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