If you’ve read been around a gym or two and read any fitness magazine, you have most likely heard people talking about how you need to eat protein to lose weight.

Protein is made up of amino acids. Nine of these being essential amino acids. These are vitally important for a healthy body and mind.

Protein does a lot more than aid weight loss.

Protein builds muscle but is also needed for ligaments, collagen, hair, skin, as well as healthy hormone production, immunity, longevity and more.

How can protein help me lose weight?

Increasing the protein in your diet will aid in making you feel fuller. Therefore decreasing the likelihood of you filling up on calorie laden, sugary and forbidden snacks.

Protein also has a higher ‘thermic’ effect on the body than fats and carbs.

The foods we eat, trigger the metabolic process. Energy expended to digest, absorb and disperse the food’s nutrients throughout our bodies.

By comparison protein burns approximately 25% of it’s total calorific worth through this effect as compared to around 20% from fibrous veggies and only 2-3% from fats. (Studies vary. These are estimated values).

Translation: Protein speeds up your metabolism.


High Protein Sources:

(Just some of many!)


Lean Beef

Lean Chicken

White Fish, Tuna and salmon

lean Lamb

Eggs/Egg whites



Cottage Cheese

Greek Yoghurt



Black beans

Kidney beans


Split peas







Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Flax seeds


Brown Rice


Protein makes you feel fuller, speeds up your metabolism and builds muscle just to name a few of it’s many benefits. Ensuring you include some protein in each balanced meal, just makes good sense.

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