Our beliefs are and can be determined, (or rather decided), from a very young age. Beliefs tend to work for us positively or negatively (or sometimes a bit of both).

In short, a belief is decided when something happens… either something goes wrong, or something goes right! As a result of this event or circumstances, we decide, that life is a certain way. That WE, are a certain way. Then we replay a version of this belief, through our thoughts and actions,  over and over again for the rest of our lives!

Do you ever question whether your beliefs are actually true?

Do you know how to decipher whether your beliefs are actually working for you or against you?

Do you know that your results in life are largely determined by the positive or negative beliefs that you hold?

It is very important to question your beliefs as to whether they are working for or against you. You can bet that anytime you are having a negative feeling or negative results, that a negative belief may be part of the problem. Take note when a negative belief comes up and be open to trying an alternative.

Beliefs for Success

1. I am 100% Responsible for my results and non-results. 

Tell yourself: Whatever happens to me today is ALL because of me.

It is what it is.

2. My FOCUS determines my results.

Ask yourself: Where is my focus?

Remember how important your results are to your purpose and values and desired outcomes.

3. Now is ALWAYS the right time!

Tell yourself: There is no better time to make it happen. The urgency is within me right now.

No more waiting or procrastinating.

4. There is a better way!

Ask yourself: Is there a better way?

Always ask yourself how can you improve? How can you make things work better? How can I bring myself closer to my goal today?


Are your beliefs working for or against you? Life Coaching can be a useful tool for discovering your limiting beliefs and more importantly, changing them! To find out how Life Coaching can benefit you, contact me directly via my email or >Click here< to book in for an introductory Coaching session.