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Having trouble moving forward with your health and fitness goals?

Struggling with body image issues?

Tried every diet under the sun and still not getting anywhere?

A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success. ~Joyce Brothers

The truth is, the image you see in the mirror, is a direct reflection of the work that either is, or is not, being done within yourself.


Taking control and learning to understand your unique underlying issues, may help you gain control of your life and ultimately your health, weight and body image.


For this reason I am now offering Weight Loss and Mindset Coaching combined with Personal Training in packages, for those of you who are truly ready to get real. Make some truly positive changes in your life and start feeling good about who you really are.


Ready to commit to change?

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For further information and tailored packages, please apply through the Contact Form or phone me directly on 0448 225 108 today.


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For clients who are unable to attend face to face training with me, personalised programming may be an option.

Each individual has their own unique needs and abilities and it’s important to get medical clearance prior to undertaking a new exercise regime.

Programs and Coaching packages are also available.




Rischelle is passionate about technique. She is always focused and watching me to make sure my technique is correct. Never distracted.

Very motivating right through our sessions, she keeps me focused – No matter how hard our session may be or exercise we are doing. I think she knows when I want to give up and knows the right thing to say to keep me going.

My favourite is that she is welcoming and always happy to see me. I look forward to our sessions because of that.

She isn’t afraid to exercise on the weekends with her clients, no matter how unfit they may be and she pushes us to reach our goals while still having fun herself.

One more thing! She is genuine and passionate about her own health and looks great, fit and healthy which is very motivating to her clients. She shares ideas, recipes and ongoing support outside of work.

– Katie Bone

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I started having PT with Rischelle Brooks a couple of months ago. I do a lot of cardio training but no strength or weight training, so when Rischelle approached me and said I would benefit from some PT sessions I thought it would be a good idea.

At 48 years old I had noticed that my posture had deteriorated and I didn’t have alot of upper body or core strength. Now after a couple of months I have already noticed a huge difference in not only my posture but I now have muscle definition and more core strength.

Rischelle is tough but also has a lovely manner and personality. Each time I finish my session I walk away feeling stronger not only physically but mentally. I am a much more happy and confident person thanks to her. I don’t know what I did without her now. Thanks Rischelle.

– Chele Egan Brown