1. Endorphins:

Starting your day with an endorphin kick will have you feeling great for the rest of the day.

Endorphins are powerful chemicals released within your brain as a byproduct of exercise. I love exercising first thing in the morning and I notice that on the days I get a good morning workout, I feel awesome all day, not just during the workout.

2. Start on a positive note:

Exercising in the morning starts your day on a positive note. Knowing you have already ticked your workout off your list before even starting your day, brings a sense of achievement.

During my morning workouts, I use the time to listen to uplifting music, audio books or webinars for my study. That way I am feeding my mind with positivity and empowering myself to begin my day with a healthy and happy mindset.

3. Save your excuses:

Getting your workout done in the morning means you can’t let external circumstances, emergencies or your whims deter you. When it’s done it’s done.

By late afternoon or evening, our will power and motivation is frequently at a low.  I am often told by clients that once they finish work and go home that’s it. They’re not going anywhere.

Do yourself a favour, get your workout out of the way.

4. Burn fat with fasted cardio:

Fasted Cardio is cardiovascular activity, performed on an empty stomach with the focus on fat burning. Fasted cardio can often most easily be performed first thing in the morning prior to eating breakfast.

Over doing fasted cardio by doing intense workouts on an empty stomach, will burn muscle as well as fat!

The best way to use morning fasted cardio to your advantage, is to walk or do a steady state easy cardio to burn fat and keep your muscle. Walking for 30 to 60 minutes can give you great results without risking muscle loss.

5. You get to see the sunrise:

Watching the sunrise is totally underrated. This is one of the highlights of my day. Many mornings on my way to work, I stop to take photos of the sunrise. I feel so blessed and grateful to see such beauty where I live daily. I never get tired of it.

Being active in nature can have a tremendous benefit on your wellbeing. According to mnn.com researchers have found a connection between early morning sunlight exposure and regulating metabolism.

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