I’ve been MIA from my blog and newsletter over the last couple of months! You see, I’ve been busy. Living.

I have spent considerable time this year, on planes, in conferences, attending courses, studying, creating, calling, Skyping, training. But sometimes we have to slow down and go deep. Give all the lessons and growth time to process. Honour them with time and space.



2015 has been a huge year of growth and stretching for me. I have grown both personally and professionally and it has been intense, fascinating, all consuming and sometimes difficult. But also wonderful. This has possibly one of the most important years of education for me to date.

I have done a lot of courses. Gained certificates and qualifications. But the life lessons I have learned are bigger than that. 

I have set new boundaries in all areas of my life and broken down unnecessary walls.

I have practiced forgiveness of myself and of others.

I have let go of what doesn’t nourish and serve my highest intentions and wellbeing.

I am learning to stay true and authentic to myself and my heart and OWN my values.

Sometimes we can look around and wonder how we got to certain stages on our path, or why the challenges and learning curves are so steep. But in the end, it is what it is. We can’t change the mistakes. We can’t take a different way around and we can’t undo our choices.

What we can do is learn, accept, welcome change and embrace NOW!

We are not our past and we are not our future. What we have and all that we will ever have, is here in this moment.

It’s your choice to live the life you want to live. 

Sometimes you will have to embrace uncertainty. Jump into the unknown. Go the extra mile. If I had not taken some chances, I would not have learned the things I did.

I’m glad I know what I know and I feel like a better version of myself has emerged.

We are who we become on the journey.

Who is it that you are becoming? Are you creating and intending for a happy and successful life? Or are just accepting the life that comes your way?

In the comments below write down the biggest lesson you have learned so far this year!

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