There was a time in my life when I felt indecisive and non-committal.

As a matter of fact, I was so indecisive that when I went to the hair dresser, I could not even decide what hair colour I wanted. I usually got foils, with more than one colour and I was almost always unhappy with the outcome. I had some terrible results, but it was my own fault, not the hairdressers, because I was not clear about what I actually wanted.

I was non-committal and I knew it. I was exactly the same with jewellery and shoes. I couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I always bought two tone or three tone so that I didn’t have to make a choice!

Looking back, I can see this was reflected in other areas of my life. Although I knew there were certain things I wanted and valued, I had never sat down and written down my values and goals and dissected my interpretation of them.

Want to know where your power is? It’s in recognising and deciding what it is you truly value, what you truly want and why. Then taking action on it.

Everyone’s interpretation of language is different. If I write down a single word like ‘success’ for example, the word success can mean 100 different things depending on who you’re talking to.

So when you’re looking forward and deciding what it is you want, whether it be a career goal, or your hair colour, be clear. Wishy washy standards and descriptions will give you wishy washy results.

Another way you can get clear on what you truly want, is to think about the way you want to feel as a result of having it.

For example,

I want to: 

Be successful in my career.

As a result of this:

I can enjoy job satisfaction, build more financial security, travel and buy a new home. 

I will feel:

Happy, peaceful, content and free.

Being successful in my career looks like:

Having a fully booked schedule of people, who I am truly helping to expand and to reach their goals.

Growing financial security and saving. 

Flexibility and freedom of choice.

I could break this down even further into more detail. The more detail and specificity the better.

The feelings are just as important as the goal itself, if not more. Why? Because without those positive feelings, any accumulated success is all in vain.

In the comments below, write down how you would FEEL, if you reached one of your important goals today.

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